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Succeeding on the internet is difficult, and can be very expensive. Most websites expire from lack of use, and are discarded, even after much expense and time has been put into them. Even the best designed sites fall victim to the statistics. Marketing Possible was originally the internet division of the startup, now multi-million dollar, parent company Castle Park, LLC. Castle Park formed Marketing Possible from it's internet division to share the online successes and knowledge with the small business owners of the United States.

Whatever your business, there are people searching for it on the internet, and we’ll make them your next customer. Let us be your internet division. Our professional staff creates and markets websites to last. There's no guessing or hoping, just promised and delivered results. You know what you're getting before you sign up:  Customers.

How do you get clicks to my website?
We have partnerships with several of the largest search engines in the world, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, AOL, and more. Each day millions of searches are made on those websites. We make sure that when your products or services are searched for, your website is in the results.

Can I get clicks only from visitors close to my business?
Yes. We can target the clicks to your city, your county, your state, the entire nation, England, you simply tell us where you want your clicks coming from.

What is the guarantee?
If we can’t get you the number of local resident impressions you have paid for, we’ll refund you for the amount of impressions that you didn’t receive. Ex. If we deliver 60% of the traffic you paid for, you get 40% of the money back that you paid towards traffic. Some of the larger packages must be pre-approved for your marketing campaign. When it is feasible, we deliver even more than guaranteed.

How long does it take to set up the website?
We will have a designer assigned to your account within 3 business days of signup. Our basic package website will be up within 15 business days.

What if I already have a website?
We can most likely make significant improvements to your existing website in the areas of design and customer conversion rates. You can also buy our other packages, such as our additional traffic packages, and our website analysis package.

How long will it take to start getting clicks once I sign up?
We’ll have your clicks campaign up and running by the time your website is done. If you already have a website we can have the campaign ready within 3 days.

What about visitors that come from my own advertising, do they count toward the total # of clicks you guarantee?
No, our guarantee is for visitors that come from our advertising efforts and money, people searching for your products or services.

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